Calais ‘jungle’ eviction and the consequence for the refugees, as direct action volunteers phone is hacked in uk

So, as the eviction rages in Calais,  I’m back on line after a tense week of my phone being compromised. I was on route to conduct a peaceful action in London last weekend, when I was told my phone had been going to answer phone for a whole day.  My PIN lock had been changed to a passWORD, so I couldn’t even access my phone’s settings!  I can only receive calls in an old basic handset now, and my network provider is clueless as to what to make of it. See article in Bristol Cable -‘ revealed: bristol’s mass police and mobile phone surveillance ‘

To boot I’ve had my passport stolen, so cannot risk, as I’m of Muslim decent heading to the jungle to help. Expect this blog to disappear without a trace at any time, and if so, search direct action volunteer, not volunteers and hopefully I’ll get something somewhere under that name…

My frustrations at all this are compounded by various first world personal problems, so here goes with a vent as to my perceptions of the facts and risks of the eviction of the camp… Just to let off steam at not being there.

So apart from the relentless media lies about the refugees inciting the clashes with the police, which is obviously right-wing, state controlled propaganda to make the public sacred of these people…

I mainly want to say, as some one who has spent a lot of time in the camp, and others like it from France to Greece… That we as a privileged, comfortable, peaceful, largly, society, have absolutely no idea what these people have been though! OR, what it must now feel like to be faced with being corralled into tiny, random groups, and given a destination in a country where you didn’t want to be, where there is a huge public distrust and bad feeling towards you, and to face the imminent possibility of deportation if you don’t take the choices offered to you.

After hearing the stories of their travels first hand, the lengthy journeys and the dangers faced and overcome to be in France, 21 miles from their goal… my heart goes out to them.

So if 10,000 people is to many for the great united kingdom to care for as the direct result of our proxy war ‘games’ in the middle east, and if 1 tenth of even the un-accompanied minors is all we can take, I ask you, can we really still call our selves a Christian nation? Instead we bicker over ways to tell if the children are over 18 or not, as if a few dozen 19 or twenty year olds fresh from a war are less deserving of a safe home, after most likely being orfaned and living in squaller in danger of assault for months…!

So back to Frances take on it, I should probably explain how most of the aggression starts so people know what I ment above. The roit police (CRS), usually fire c.s. gas into the camp completely unprovoked. After a while of being  gassed, some of the young men of the camp inevitability get angry. There is a huge fence between the camp and where the police are, and there is no real chance of injury, it’s more of an act of complet frustration.  The vast majority of the camp just accept it and treat it as TV, most watching from the opposite side of the no man’s land between camp and motorway. They even cheer the police when the camp gets completely gassed out…! I really can’t believe their spirit.

So if you’d been though a war tearing apart your home country, and you only had rocks, would you stir up trouble with armed police for sport on Saturday nite? I think you’d stay in and drink tea… Which was actually what I was doing with a group of refugees there when the gas started falling.

So upshot of this? Most of the refugees are deeply untrusting of the frenches offers, and large numbers will not get on the busses in my opinion. Choosing instead to try to either stay nearby and live rough while continuing to attempt to cross… This will be made very hard for them by heavy CRS presence near by for a long while, arresting groups trying to hide in woods and urban areas.. so most will make it to Paris I think, where the crisis is worsening to epic levels already.

Others, as we can see from today’s media, have abandoned hope of reaching their loved ones or dreams in the uk, and are putting their trust in the state which has been tear gassing them nightly and shooting their children in the head with rubber bullets (see the guardian article). Let’s hope French human rights groups keep a close eye on the process.. as this is where it’s being taken out of our hands to help for now.

Keep a close eye on for updates on what’s needed and how the campaign will change from here on.

I imagine that the effort will shift to Paris now. And it will be more heated their that Calais pretty soon I imagine.

Thanks for reading, please continue to support the struggle of the refugees… write to your mp and the PM, every letter counts for 10,000 people’s views, so presuade your friends and family to do the same… Give the basterds a piece of your mind… THEY WORK FOR US… IF SHOCKINGLY BADLY!!! We should be stopping arms exportsby popular opinion poles and pulling out of these war mongers greedy proxy wars, telling them to let refugees in, nailing them to the mast over their lies and voting  in no confidence in our dictatorship – that is what you call it when you live in a country without an elected leader isn’t it?

How do we let these dictators run the world we sub-sist in along side them, while hugely out numbering them, yet allowing them to teach us we are not capable of doing  anything about it, nor do a better job of running the world… BALLS… MY MUM COULD RUN THE WORLD BETTER  THAN THE ILLUMINATI…

Sleep tight USK

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