Back in ‘the Calais jungle’ 2nd -4th Sept. ’16


So I have come back to Calais to sort out a legal issue I have regarding an accident here in the spring. ┬áSpending a febw days here is amazing for getting in the head space to leave for Greece in a few weeks.So many good people are giving their time for free here to help feed and look after the refugees… A job the government’s bombing these poor people’s countries into nuclear waste grounds should be doing… That is makes you wonder why we choose to live in the capitalistic, debt based societies engaged in the brutal repression of freedom of movement from war-torn conflict zones they create for cheep oil, to our ‘safe’, ‘democratic’ shores in the first place… We are all perpetuating this terror for these races by not standing up and leaving our lives in protest! And what do you find when you do that…??? See pictures below of life on the other side… It’s not as bad as they’d have you believe… You would all be so much more use, and so much happier here working for nothing, and paying noting for it… Why not give it a try for a long weekend… Calais isn’t very expensive to get to from London by train, and the camp and warehouse is less than 10 miles from the euro tunnels first stop in France… Contact to volunteer here. Vids coming just as soon as I can learn to video edit.

1 love. Peace


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